Top Guides to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Microphone Presentations SpeechesMany surveys have shown that fear of public speaking ranks even higher than the fear of death. The perceived danger and triggered ‘fight or flight’ response is a leftover side effect from the early social development of humans (Learn more here). If you are afraid of speaking in public, you are not alone! The good news is that you can conquer this fear with a bit of practise and persistence

Personally, I was extremely nervous when I started my journey in delivering presentations. Memory training dramatically helped for longer speeches without notes and gave me a lot more confidence about not ‘blanking’. However, practise is still required to become comfortable when it comes to standing up on front of a group.

Useful sites and guides:

Check out the guide on 27 useful tips to overcome fear of public speaking from well-known motivational speaker Brian Tracy.

This article in Forbes has some valuable tips from an Entrepreneur that overcame a great fear of speaking (6 Way To Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking). Similar to many others that have faced their fear of speaking, he notes that “I still get butterflies, but it’s gotten infinitely easier”. – This site may be of great help for any anxiety disorders that may be causing or worsening your fear of public speaking. The author specifically covers public speaking here.


6 Tips for Dealing with Speaking Anxiety – Video with tips, including how to Breathe, Walk, Automate Language, Set Expectations, Use of a Template, and Mantras.

A video with 3 simple tips to covercome fear of public speaking: handle uncertainty, relaxation techniques, easing into eye contact

How to deal with presentation stress and anxiety – This video gives a nice explanation of the ‘flight of fight’ response that even experienced speakers. The key is that they know how they handle their nerves rather than eliminate them.

I hope these links and resources were of benefit.

What is your biggest fear when standing up to deliver a speech or presentation?

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